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 We recognised back in late 2011 that there was a gap in retail for local books and local artists/craft people’s work in Ashington and wanting a High Street presence, we moved to a shop unit on Woodhorn Road (next to NISA). So began “The Deputy’s Kist” and what does this mean I here you ask.  The definition taken from The Geordie Dictionary is “A deputy's kist is the chest used by the deputy in a coal pit, wherein he keeps his tools, plate nails, brattice nails, and other requirements”.

The Trustees thought this name apt for the treasure trove of retail goods we would be selling and in line with the history and heritage of Ashington.

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The shop soon began to receive enquiries from other local trades people such as jewellery makers, crafts suppliers, food suppliers … the list goes on. Ultimately we have become 'The' centre in Ashington which sells a wide range of books, paintings, craft materials and handmade unique goods.

We are on Facebook which provides a selection of pictures of the items on sale, posts highlighting new stock and the latest news. Throughout the year we have special offers so watch out for these on the page too. As of now we sell goods on behalf of 81 various suppliers, the most recent additions being traders of bespoke glass coasters, wine glasses and wishing sticks.

The shop is open 6 days a week and all are welcome (including well behaved dogs) to come in and browse. If we don’t have what you are looking for we may be able to order it in and some suppliers take order requests if you want to personalise (e.g coasters). This Month's offer:   10% discount on Roald Dhal books and kits! We also offer training and development through volunteering or work placements so please contact us if you’re looking for experience in retail.

This month's special Offer27.01.15.007

5% off all Jewellery


March      =             5% discount Easter books
April         =             10% discount Craft books
May           =             5% discount on all photo prints
June          =             5% discount local history books
July           =             5% discount on paintings
August       =           10% discount children’s books
September  =           10% discount craft books
October      =          5% discount adult fiction
November   =          5% discount Christmas books
December    =          5% discount jewellery
January 2016 =       10% discount Christmas goods


Deputy's Kist Survey

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pdfYou can complete this form online and send it to susan.lonsdale  or you can print it off and hand it into the shop.

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