Nathan Sturgeon, Digital Apprentice.

I 11891213_1152733124740095_5303391325969767822_nam a Musician, Gamer and IT Enthusiast. I studied for one year at Newcastle college doing IT Games Design, and during which have programmed several websites, and created many graphics in the likes of Photoshop, flash, etc.. I then went on to do Music Performance at Newcastle college, and had to maintain Facebook group pages for the many bands I became part of.

My job here at ACDT is to help maintain and update the websites and Facebook pages that we have, and to gather information about the events happening in Ashington, including photographs, videos, and text based information.

CV & Social Media Help

I am available to help people create CVs so long as they have all the information that would be needed to input into the CVs. If you are wanting help with your CVs email me at and we shall arrange an appointment. I look forward to meeting with some of you.

I am also available to help with businesses social media fronts, and will happily discuss with them about their social media.